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Center for Entrepreneurship (CELEB)

Providing mentorship, space, and resources to help students turn ideas into reality.

Our entrepreneurship hub has a start-up incubator, student-run art gallery, Beloit's film and... Our entrepreneurship hub has a start-up incubator, student-run art gallery, Beloit's film and media production lab, student-led foundation, music recording studio, and a maker lab for hands-on creativity and collaboration.

At the Beloit College business incubator, we’ll help you start small and keep it simple, so you can dive into the real-world experience of exploring self-employment, start-ups, and side gigs.

Small College, Big Advantage

The Center for Entrepreneurship in Liberal Education at Beloit (CELEB) is a student-driven program unparalleled at any undergraduate institution comporable to Beloit College’s size. Housed off-campus in the heart of the city’s revitalized downtown district, you’ll find 18,000+ square feet dedicated to student ventures in music, art, media, prototyping, and traditional start-ups.

Prerequisites: Curiosity and Motivation

Unlike the programs at larger colleges and universities (usually available only at the graduate level), Beloit’s entrepreneurship center is open to all of our students, regardless of major/minor or prior experience. Whether you already have an idea or are simply intrigued by the possibility of self-employment as a career, we provide the physical space, resources, and mentorship to help you achieve your goals.

Career Prep

The concept of a liberal arts education dates back to Ancient Greek culture, and the outcome of a broad-based education has never been more relevant. CELEB enables you to put your classroom knowledge into practice with hands-on experience in accounting, marketing, product development, team management, problem-solving, and all of the skills needed for success in today’s marketplace.

The tools that entrepreneurs need are also the skills that attract employers, should you choose traditional employment after graduation. CELEB entrepreneurs have an advantage: They have an authentic story to tell about their accomplishments and business ventures that elevate them over their peers in the eyes of employers.


While most activities at CELEB are student-driven, courses in audio engineering, broadcast media, entrepreneurship and financial literacy, help kickstart the skill-building for students new to entrepreneurism. 

Peer-to-Peer Mentoring

In addition to faculty and staff support, students can find their tribe at CELEB. Whether it’s displaying your artwork in Gallery ABBA, prototyping in MakerLab, or recording audio tracks in Mapletree Studio (all student-run ventures), there are fellow collaborators ready to help brainstorm and trouble-shoot, so you can bring your vision to life.

Podcasting: Sharing Your Voice
CELEB Brings Podcasting to Campus

Podcasting: Sharing Your Voice

The podcasting studio at the Center for Entrepreneurship (CELEB) is open to all Beloit College students, faculty, and staff who have ideas to share with our campus community and beyond.

Belmark Associates Quin Brunner ’21 (far left) and Salma Mohammad Ali’21 (far right), surveyed and collected data on Beloit neighborhoods as part of a partnership with ACTS Housing. The organization is turning renters into homeowners.

Beloit College is one giant sandbox for career-seeking students

Beloit College students say programming and career-ready opportunities are an exhilarating mix of learning, leading, and laughter. Quin Brunner’21 and Salma Mohammad Ali’21 find Belmark Associates work life-changing.

Ericka Corral’22, center, with friends.

Artificial intelligence for a better world

It’s not every day that Fortune magazine interviews a Beloiter about their summer experience at MIT, let alone before they even graduate. But that’s just one day in…


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